About SBC

Star Bright Cooking


Growing up, I often had to come up with my own meals because my mother had to work to support us.

That meant a lot of mac and cheese from a box, cans, and packets.  Ugh.

College was a relief because the dining hall provided a hot meal I didn’t have to prepare myself.

But  after I got married and had a family, I vowed they would NEVER have to eat pre-made garbage.

Now almost 20 years later, I want to help others do the same.  I want it to be easy as possible to find quality recipes that anyone can make for all reasons or occasions.

Thus, Star Bright Cooking was born!

Enjoy your time here.  Save and print your favorites.  Come back often & join me on Pinterest!

You can always reach out to me at greetings (at) starbrightcooking (dot) com.

I want you to SHINE at mealtime!